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Expert RF/Microwave engineering, manual and automated assembly, and hi-rel testing–all in house

Smiths Interconnect's TRAK Microwave brand, has a legacy centered on the design and fabrication of complex microwave assemblies and related products for defense, space, SATCOM, and commercial applications. Whether it's a custom design or build-to-print, TRAK's operational capacity enables the efficient manufacture and delivery of high mix, low to medium volume components and assemblies. We team with our customers to meet cost goals by mutually investigating cost saving designs, entering into long term business relationships, identifying optimum run rates and by using material purchasing agreements. We also offer dedicated program management.


A highly trained team dedicated to the highest quality

TRAK employees are specially trained and experienced in taking designs, at any stage of development, and seeing them through to a 100% successful completion. TRAK's Quality Assurance Systems comply with ISO-9001:2008 and AS9100:2004, while meeting the stringent requirements of MIL-Q-9858A. Beyond quality procedures and tracking, TRAK's quality assurance team is deeply involved at every level of design, development, and manufacturing.


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Build-to-Print Services

Rely on Smiths Interconnect's market experience and TRAK's heritage at any stage of your development. Our build-to print (BTP) services allow you to tap our complete RF/microwave engineering, prototype development, and testing teams the same way our custom design customers do. Our expertise at designing and developing test fixtures will also help you expedite development and provide the quality assurance you need.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System
  • ECN Control
  • Capacity Planning
  • Process and Documentation Control
  • SPC and DPMO Reporting


Each of your assemblies will be tested and visually inspected to ensure it was manufactured in accordance with your standards. Plus, our manufacturing process has an employee involved SPC program where records are collected and analyzed on a regular basis to identify variations in processes.


Hybrid Assembly Expertise

TRAK has been manufacturing hybrid assemblies for space, military/defense, and commercial markets for decades. Our manufacturing cells are versatile and highly flexible, and able to meet the needs of even the most demanding custom hybrid system requirements.

  • Auto Die Attach
  • Auto Ball and Wedge Bonding
  • Thermosonic Ribbon and Wire Bonding
  • Gap Welding
  • Ultraviolet Cleaning
  • Plasma Cleaning

Our factory at a glance

Automated PCB Assembly and Inspection

Clean Rooms

Design Studio

Engineering Lab

Die Attach

Laser Station

Mechanical & Environmental Test

MIL-STD Hybrid Assembly

High Frequency Test

High-Speed Digital Test

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One of the proudest and most intuitively assembled engineering teams in the industry

Trak: Engineering Lab

TRAK's engineering team is a full bench of multi-disciplined RF/microwave, and time and frequency pros. With both component and subsystem experience delivering to the industry's biggest players in space, defense, and commercial applications, there's nothing they can't handle. And our growing collaboration with our fellow high frequency engineers within the Smiths Interconnect brand family, enhances our capablities even further.


Unique disciplines and software skills throughout every design phase

In addition to TRAK's core design team of experienced designers of complex RF/Microwave and time and frequency systems, ours also includes talented engineers with expertise in micro-controllers and software programming, too. Uniquely versed in strategies and techniques for diverse environments, TRAK's collective design team has proven success in fully programmed and controlled solutions. These include designs for the harshest conditions such as satellite, rugged industrial, airborne tactical, and naval shipboard environments.


Wholly one-quarter of TRAK's staff is deeply involved with the engineering design phase, which provides significant leverage in tackling mission critical defense, homeland, and aerospace system challenges. Several members of our staff have obtained advanced degrees and training from the University of South Florida. We also support The University of South Florida by teaching course work related to the microwave industry and funding periodic joint research projects associated with the WAMI (Wireless and Microwave Information systems) program.


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