MFS023Multi-output Phased Locked Crystal Oscillator (PLCO) 5 - 160 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
MFS025Multi-Output Reference Oscillator 0.125 - 2 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
MFS130ATR Package0.65 - 0.95 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
MFS133S-Level Multiplied OCX0 375 & 3000 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
MFS027S-Level Beacon Frequency Source4 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
MFS127Dual Crystal-based Frequency Source1020 & 5100 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC020High Stability OCXO 100 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC021Vibration-isolated Crystal Oscillator (XO) 125 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC022Miniature VCXO 150 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC029S-Level OCXO 10.3 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC030Crystal Oscillator (XO) 16 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC037Low Noise, Phase Locked DRO 6.6 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC038Hybrid PLO 12 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC039Miniature PLDRO 5.2 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC040Voltage-tuned Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) 26.55 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC044Ultra-low Noise Crystal Oscillator (XO) 100 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC045Miniature Oscillator 4 GHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC046Dielectric Resonator Oscillator (DRO) C-bandGet A QuoteQuote
OSC048Crystal Oscillator (XO) 1700 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC049Multiplied Crystal-based Source 400 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC10-000 & 10-100- SeriesCrystal Oscillators (AT-cut)60 to 1440 MHz Get A QuoteQuote
OSC 10-400 & 10-450 SeriesOvenized Crystal Oscillators (OCXO) SC-cut 60 - 1440 MHzGet A QuoteQuote
OSC10-500 & 10-600 SeriesCoaxial Resonator Oscillators (CROs) and Dieletric Resonator Oscillators (DROs)0.5 to 3 GHz (CRO) & 3 to 12 GHz (DRO)Get A QuoteQuote
OSC 10-700 & 10-750 SeriesPhased-locked CROs & DROs0.5 to 3 GHz (CRO and VTCRO) & 3 to 12 GHz (DRO and VTDRO)Get A QuoteQuote

Frequency Sources Features:

  • Frequency Ranges Up to 40 GHz
  • Ultra-Low Noise
  • Ruggedized for Temperature and Vibration
  • In-House Automated SMT, MIC Manufacturing & Test
  • Frequency multiplied outputs up to 20 GHz
  • Output power levels up to +25 dBm
  • Electronic tuning + 10 ppm typical
  • Temperature compensation (AT cut) + 2ppm stability


Frequency Sources Options:

  • Free running or phase locked
  • Internal or external reference frequency
  • GPS discipline to eliminate aging effects
  • Multiple oscillator outputs (Reference Generators)
  • Space level screening



To order frequency sources from TRAK simply start a Request for Quote using the model of your choice from the table above. Specify additional modules/functions you’d like to include, upload any files that help describe your requirements, and submit your RFQ to our Technical Sales team. A member of our team will confirm receipt and begin processing your request right away.


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